Doula Services

In an effort to make sure my services are as accessible as possible, I always hold space for sliding-scale clients in my schedule. All prices here are suggested, if you need to pay a different amount please contact me.

You can also reach out to Birth and Beyond Resources, they are working hard to make doulas and other services more accessible to ALL parents on Long Island.

Please note, I am still in the process of completing my training. I am offering *deeply* discounted rates for my first three clients as you amazing people will be a part of me achieving certification as a TDMA-certified doula!

I am here for ALL families: any skin color, any religion, any gender, any sexuality, any family configuration. ALL birthing people deserve support, and I will provide respectful care to any client who hires me.

As I am also a massage therapist, I would LOVE to see you for a prenatal massage before or after our meetings, I offer discounts to clients who make use of both of the services I offer!

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